Connecting business owners and accounting professionals

Access all your client's data in one place,
irrespective of their accounting platform

CYNC supports many accounting systems, both desktop and online.  And the list is growing all the time.


Invite your customers and suppliers to Cync and say goodbye to capturing invoices and late customer payments.  Automated accounting - here we come!


Your clients use various accounting systems, we get that.  One size doesn’t fit all.  Use Cync and change the way you work with and access your clients accounting records.

With Cync, you are able to do more, better and faster.

With CYNC, you are able to do more, better and faster.

A Cync hub that allows businesses to exchange data and accountants instant access to financial data …
what more could you ask for?

Business Owner FEATURES

Automatically receive invoices in the Cync Hub to review and post directly to your accounting system.

Quickly identify invoices that have already been posted to your accounting system, or ones that are outstanding with Cync’s matching technology.

Map invoice lines to the relevant GL accounts or stock items for speed and accuracy.  Best of all, do this once and Cync will remember the mappings for all future invoices. 
Cync even allows you to convert units – for example one pallet of goods ordered from a supplier may contain 24 individual units to be allocated to the stock item.


Invite your customers to Cync and they can access the Cync Customer Zone to view their invoices – and pay you – ensuring faster payment.  You will receive notifications when they have viewed the invoice – no more excuses about lost invoices or late payments.

Accountant FEATURES

Cync allows you to connect to multiple accounting systems, providing a view to all your clients data, all under one dashboard. No more waiting or bothering your client to send you files or reports - making tasks such as provisional tax, or general ledger access much easier. 


What’s more, you can directly issue adjusting journals from Cync to correct incorrect allocations by your client, which are then posted back to your clients accounting system. Now that’s impressive.